How to Install, Configure and Run The Fish Shell

This guide will walk you through the basics of Fish

Linux Command Line Tips

Easy to remember Linux command line time savers.

How to Change SELinux Modes

Security-Enhanced Linux works to filter system access. This Quick Answer will show you how to change the level of policy enforcement SELinux, from full enforcing mode to totally disabled.

How to Use the Head Command

View the beginning of a text file with the head command.

How to Use the Tail Command

View and follow the end of files with the tail command.

How to Use the Grep Command

Filter system output with the grep command.

How to Use Wget

This Quick Answer guide will explain how to use wget.

How to Install SELinux on Ubuntu

This Quick Answer guide shows you how to install SELinux on Ubuntu after you uninstall AppArmor

How to Use Git the Version Control System

This Quick Answer guide explains how to use Git to create a repository, stage a commit, and then push that commit.

Use nano to Edit Files in Linux

Use GNU nano to edit text and system files from the command line.