API v4.10.0


  • Added the status property to List Regions (GET /regions) and View Region (GET /regions/{regionId}). The status property returns a region’s current operational status.

  • A linode_config_create, linode_config_delete, linode_config_update, disk_create, disk_update Event action can now generate a secondary_entity object. A secondary_entity object displays information about an additional entity that is related to the Event.

  • When creating or updating a Domain Record of type SRV, the target field now accepts a value of .. By setting the target of an SRV record to ., you can indicate that a particular service is not supported at a particular domain. See RFC 6186, section 3.4 for details on this usage.


  • You can now use the +order_by operator to filter by region when Listing Linodes (GET /linode/instances). Previously, this would result in an unable to apply filter error.