API v4.12.0


  • Removed edit_mode as an option for a Domain’s status property.
    • Use the /domains collection to review your account’s domains.
  • Object Storage is out of Beta. All Object Storage endpoints now point to the /v4 server instead of the /v4beta server.


  • When a restricted user with the add_longview grant creates a Longview client, that user should have read_write permissions on the new client.
    • The API correctly grants this permission, and so a user could make successful Update Longview Client (PUT /longview/clients/{clientId}) endpoint requests for the new client.
    • However, the API would incorrectly report that the user had read_only permissions for that Longview client when viewed with the View User’s Grants (GET /account/users/{username}/grants) endpoint.
    • This has been corrected, and this endpoint will now report read_write permissions for the new client.
  • Fixed an issue where the duration of an Event with a status of failed would indefinitely increase.
  • Fixed an issue where Isle of Man’s country code was rejected by the Update Account (PUT /account) endpoint.
  • Updates to Domains:
    • Resolved an issue when importing domains which caused server errors for the API.
    • Previously, the API would only check if a CNAME for a Domain was unique among all of that Domain’s CNAME records. The API will now check to make sure that a CNAME has a name that is unique among all of a Domain’s records.
    • Use the /domains collection to review your account’s domains. Use the Import Domain (POST /domains/import) to import domains with the API.
  • Previously, the last_successful property of a Linode’s backups property was documented as returning None if no backup had been completed for that Linode. The API actually returns null under this circumstance, and the documentation has been updated to reflect this.
  • Updates to Invoices and InvoiceItems:
    • The API was inappropriately rounding the unitprice on InvoiceItems for certain Linode products. For example, the API would report .01 for the unitprice of an InvoiceItem for a Nanode, while the hourly cost of a Nanode is .0075. This issue did not affect the actual amount billed to a customer.
    • The unitprice, amount, tax, and total properties of an InvoiceItem and the subtotal, tax, and total properties of an Invoice were previously documented as having the type integer, but the API accepted and returned numbers with decimal points. The documentation for these types now list these properties as having the type number.
    • Removed prepay as an option for the type of an InvoiceItem in the API documentation. Prepaid billing reached end of life in March of 2019.
    • Use the List Invoices (GET /account/invoices), View Invoice (GET /account/invoices/{invoiceId}), and List Invoice Items (GET /account/invoices/{invoiceId}/items) endpoints to review your Invoices and InvoiceItems.