API v4.13.0


  • Updated OAuth section with detailed private and public workflows.
  • Updated Create Kubernetes Cluster (POST /lke/clusters) endpoint to include multiple node pools in the CLI code example.
    • Argument order is imperative. The arguments must be in sequential order --node_pools.type [type] followed by --node_pools.count [count] for each node pool.
    • You may add one or more node pool to each cluster.


  • Fixed a bug with migrations and host information. If the migration is a disk, the from_host is the disk, if it’s a clone, the from_host is the Linode. Users can see migration job information in the event endpoints:
  • +and, +or, and +order_by filters for tags are now working.
  • Longview will now retain more than 12 hours of statistics for users with the Pro plan.
  • The List Networking Information (GET /linode/instances/{linodeId}/ips) endpoint has been updated to only output IPv6 addresses for the specified Linode instead of all the IPv6 addresses for the customer.