API v4.142.1


  • Linode Clone (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/clone)

    • Cloned Linodes can now be created with an assigned private IPv4 address when cloning to a new Linode.
  • Kubernetes Clusters List (GET /lke/clusters)

    • Response data for this command are now filterable by the k8s_version and region properties.
  • Maintenance List (GET /account/maintenance)

    • This command is no longer in beta, and can now be accessed via the https://api.linode.com/v4 server path.
    • This command now returns completed maintenance items. Previously, only pending maintenance items were returned with this command.
  • Volume Attach (POST /volumes/{volumeId}/attach)

    Volume Detach (POST /volumes/{volumeId}/detach)

    • Events created by these commands now include the associated Linodes when attaching or detaching Block Storage Volumes.


  • Firewall Rules Update (PUT /networking/firewalls/{firewallId}/rules)

    • Fixed a bug that prevented event creation when accessing this command. Now, an event is created when Firewall Rules are updated.
  • Attempting to access or utilize a deleted StackScript now returns a 404 or 400 error, respectively. Previously, a 401 error was returned, which was inconsistent with the behavior of our other commands.

  • Encoded StackScript data must not exceed 65535 characters in total length when making requests that involve Disk creation. Previously, requests that exceeded this limit resulted in a 500 error code with no additional information. Now, an error message is returned that references this limit.