API v4.161.0


  • You can now utilize cloud-init with our new Metadata service to automatically configure and install software to compute instances!

    When using the Linode Create command, enter your cloud-config data as a base64-encoded string to the new metadata.user_data property.

    Compatible Images can be determined by looking for cloud-init under the new capabilities list.

    Compatible Regions can be determined by looking for Metadata under the capabilities list.

    BETA This feature is in beta and is currently limited to certain Regions and distributions. Please be aware that this feature may receive breaking updates in the future.

  • Regions Availability List (GET /regions/availability)

    Region Availability View (GET /regions/{regionId}/availability)

    • You can use these new commands to view the availability of select premium and GPU compute instance types according to Region, which are currently in high demand. These commands may be expanded to cover additional compute instance types in the future.