API v4.162.0


  • Backup Restore (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/backups/{backupId}/restore)

    • Now, certain distributions assign block devices using UUIDs. This causes a potential UUID collision issue when restoring a disk to the same Compute Instance without overwriting it. If you need access to files on both the original disk and the restored disk simultaneously (such as needing to copy files between them), we suggest either restoring the backup to a separate Compute Instance or creating a new Compute Instance with the desired backup_id.
  • Domain Record Create (POST /domains/{domainId}/records)

    Domain Record Update (PUT /domains/{domainId}/records/{recordId})

    • In accordance with the new RFC 8659, CAA records with the “issue” tag can now accept additional parameters when using these commands. New parameters are entered via the record’s target, following the domain and separated with semicolons (;), for example: www.example.com; foo=bar


  • Fixed a bug that caused a 222 response when creating or updating a Linode Configuration Profile with a VLAN ipam_address set to null or "". Now, "" is returned for the ipam_address in this case for vlan purpose interfaces, and null is always returned for both the ipam_address and “label” for public purpose interfaces.