API v4.164.0



  • As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and better serving our customers, we have made the strategic decision to pause the sale of our Managed Database offering for all customers who do not have an active database deployed. We recognize the need for a product that offers higher performance and the capacity to handle more complex workloads.

    If you have an existing database already deployed, you will continue to be able to deploy, provision, and manage the service exactly as you do today, and we’ll fully support your Managed Database workloads until our next-generation database solution is available. For all other customers, all Managed Databases commands are inaccessible.

  • Billing for services can now depend on the Region in which those services are deployed. Accordingly, Region-specific price data is now available in responses to the following commands:

  • GET commands that return paginated data collections now have a default rate limit of 400 requests per minute. Additionally, the Images List (GET /images) command now has a 20 request per minute rate limit.

  • The following endpoints now generate respective Events upon successful requests: