API v4.2.3



  • Changed behavior of the configs parameter for the POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/clone endpoint. When an empty array is passed to the configs parameter, no configuration profiles will be cloned from the source Linode.

    Previously, all configuration profiles would be cloned. All behaviors of the disks and configs parameters for this endpoint are now more extensively documented in the API reference.


  • When updating the email of an account (PUT /account) or of a user (PUT /profile), Linode will now send an email notification to the previous email address that describes this change.

  • Fixed an issue where a user could not set permissions on a domain that contained errors.

  • Fixed a malformed URL in the response for the Enable Managed Service endpoint (POST /managed/services/{serviceId}/enable).

  • Fixed an issue in which SRV records could only be assigned a port number below 32767. Any port number is now accepted.

  • Fixed a login error that could appear after a user’s session had expired, if the user also had two-factor authentication enabled.

  • Reduced response time for the GET /support/tickets endpoint.