API v4.5.0


  • Added the Enable Linode Managed (POST /account/settings/managed-enable) endpoint to Account.
    • This endpoint enables Linode Managed for the entire account and sends a welcome email to the account’s associated email address.
    • Linode Managed is an incident response service that can monitor any software stack or service reachable over TCP or HTTP.


  • The List Notifications endpoint (GET /account/notifications) now provides more detailed information when a pending host migration or DC migration (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/migrate) for a Linode is initiated. This information includes:

    • How many Linodes are in the queue ahead of your Linode. The Linode’s position is dynamically generated, so if the notification is retrieved at an interval, it is always up-to-date.
  • The convenience endpoint List Object Storage Bucket Contents ([GET /object-storage/buckets/{clusterId}/{bucket}/object-list] (/docs/api/object-storage/#object-storage-bucket-contents-list)) now returns two new parameters to help with pagination:

    • is_truncated, a boolean which is true if there is another page of objects and
    • next_marker, a string value to pass to the marker query parameter to get the next page of objects.


  • Previously, when restoring a Linode from a backup (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/backups/{backupId}/restore) with overwrite:true, some disks on the Linode were not properly deleted. This bug has been fixed. Additionally, the check to determine if the Linode has enough free disk space during a backup restore has been improved.

  • The List Support Tickets endpoint (GET /support/tickets) will now properly honor the order_by and x-filter query parameters.