API v4.59.2

Version Change Notes

The previous API release was assigned version number 4.14.1, while this release is tagged 4.59.2. This is an intentional change to align with internal version numbering. Subsequent releases will continue following the semantic versioning specification.



  • When a Linode goes into maintenance mode its status field will now display stopped.
  • When creating (POST /linode/instances) or updating (PUT /linode/instances) a Linode, its root_pass field must now also meet a password strength score requirement that is calculated internally by the API. If the strength requirement is not met, you will receive a Password does not meet strength requirement error.


  • Previously, when creating a Linode (POST /linode/instances) with a root password of 6 characters a `Password must be between 6 and 128 characters` error was returned. This bug has been fixed and the root_pass field will now accept a password of 6 characters.
  • A bug has been fixed that was causing some Linode disk clones to fail (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/disks/{diskId}/clone).
  • Previously, a bug allowed customers with an account balance of $0 to make a payment (POST /account/payments) or stage a PayPal payment (POST /account/payments/paypal) of less than $5 USD. This bug has been fixed. Now, a minimum payment of $5 USD is required for any account with a balance of $0 USD.