API v4.6.0



  • A linode_reboot Event action can now generate a secondary_entity object. A secondary_entity object displays information about an additional entity that is related to the Event.

  • The List Managed Stats endpoint GET managed/stats returns a list of Managed Stats on your Account in the form of x and y data points. You can use these data points to plot your own graph visualizations. These stats reflect the last 24 hours of combined usage across all managed Linodes on your account giving you a high-level snapshot of data for cpu, disk, swap, network in, and network out.


  • Fixed a formatting error that prevented the filtering and sorting examples within the API documentation from correctly working as presented.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed Linodes with IPv6 /116 pools to attempt to migrate to Next Generation Network (NGN) enabled data centers like Toronto and Mumbai. IPv6 /116 pools are not supported by NGN data centers, so these migrations would never actually progress. A Linode with IPv6 /116 pools will now be prevented from initiating a migration to an NGN data center, and the user will be prompted to contact support.