API v4.61.0


  • You can now add tags when creating an LKE cluster (POST /lke/clusters). While the tags property existed before, the implementation logic has now been added to support adding tags to an LKE cluster.

  • A tags property was added to the Update Kubernetes Cluster (PUT /lke/clusters/{clusterId}) endpoint. You can now update or remove existing tags on your LKE clusters. The tags property accepts an array of tags to be applied to your LKE cluster for organizational purposes.

  • The Images collection now contains the updated property. This property returns the date that the current Image was last updated.



  • Validation has been included to prevent users from adding a credit card expiration year greater than 25 years from the current year. A user will now receive an Expiry too far in the future error message when this occurs. This bug fix affects the POST /account/credit-card expiry_year property.