API v4.64.0


  • When attempting to stage a PayPal payment (POST /account/payments/paypal/execute) on an account that has been flagged for no charge, you will receive the following error message, This account cannot be charged.

  • The Profile collection’s authentication_type field can now return a value of github when GitHub Third Party Authentication is enabled for your Profile.

    • Authentication types are chosen through Cloud Manager and authorized when logging into your account.

    Note this functionality is not yet available in Cloud Manager. See the Cloud Manager Changelog for the latest updates.

  • Added the View Network Transfer (year/month) (GET /linode/instances/{linodeId}/transfer/{year}/{month}) endpoint.

    • This endpoint returns a Linode’s inbound, outbound, and total public network transfer statistics for the specified year and month.


  • A bug was fixed that was preventing Block Storage Volumes from successfully attaching to Linodes running Debian 10.

  • Previously, uninvoiced balances were being calculated as slightly lower than their actual amount. This bug was fixed to correctly calculate uninvoiced balances.

    • You can view your account’s uninvoiced balance using the View Account endpoint (GET /account).
  • Additional logic was added to the Kubernetes collection to ensure that Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) service account usernames are less likely to be non-unique.