API v4.65.0


  • The managed_issue field was added to the Open Support Ticket endpoint (POST /support/tickets).
    • This field designates if the Support ticket is in reference to a Managed Service.
    • You must have a Managed Service enabled to use this designation.
    • No ID attributes (i.e. linode_id, domain_id, etc.) should be provided with this request.


  • A bug was fixed that was preventing initiation of scheduled, cross data center migrations.

  • If your Cloud Manager profile’s authentication type is set to a Third-Party Authentication (TPA) method, password_keys can no longer be used as your lish_auth_method when updating your profile (PUT /profile).

    • To view your Cloud Manager profile’s authentication_type field, send a request to the View Profile endpoint.
  • Capital letters are now accepted for the check_path value when creating (POST /nodebalancers/{nodeBalancerId}/configs) and updating (PUT /nodebalancers/{nodeBalancerId}/configs/{configId}) your NodeBalancer Configs.