API v4.77.0


  • Added the message field to the Event schema object. The message field provides additional information about the event. Additional information may include, but is not limited to, a more detailed representation of events which can help diagnose non-obvious failures. This new field is available on the following Account Event endpoints:

  • Added the deprecated field to the Kernel schema object. If this Kernel is marked as deprecated, this field has a value of true; otherwise, this field is false. This new field is available on the Linode Instances Kernel endpoints:


  • Updated the endpoint names to follow the convention noun followed by verb. For example, View Account is now named Account View.

  • Updated the description for the Object Storage Key Create (POST /object-storage/keys) endpoint with information on the available Access Key and Limited Access Key creation options.

  • Updated the bucket_access field description in the ObjectStorageKey schema object with a note about the results of omitting this field when creating a limited access Object Storage Key.


  • The User’s Grants View (GET /account/users/{username}/grants) endpoint was updated to have a less restrictive authorization of account:read_only instead of account:read_write. This fixes the discrepancy between specification and endpoint behavior.