API v4.8.0


  • Added the Cancel Object Storage (POST /object-storage/cancel) endpoint.
    • This endpoint allows you to remove Object Storage from an Account. All buckets must be empty in order to use this endpoint.
  • Added the duration property to Events, which represents the total duration in seconds that it takes for an Event to complete. Use the List Events (GET /account/events) and View Event (GET /account/events/{eventId}) endpoints to review your Account’s Events.
  • The View Account Settings (GET /account/settings) endpoint has been updated to include the status of an Account’s Object Storage service. The possible values for this status are disabled, suspended, and active.


  • China UnionPay credit card numbers are now accepted as valid by the Add/Edit Credit Card (POST /account/credit-card) endpoint.
  • When a Support Ticket is updated, email notifications are sent to customers for those updates. Previously, an email was sent for every Ticket update, including any submitted by the customer. Now, only Ticket updates from Linode Support will prompt an email.


  • Calls to the Update User Preferences (GET /profile/preferences) endpoint were returning an HTTP 500 error. This error has been resolved, and user preferences will now be saved as expected.
  • Domains under the .rio.br second-level domain are now accepted as valid. Domains can be entered with the Create Domain (POST /domains), Update Domain (PUT /domains/{domainId}), or Import Domain (POST /domains/import) endpoints.
  • Fixed an issue where a restricted User with read-only permissions on an Account’s private StackScript could view that StackScript but could not deploy a Linode with it. The restricted User will now be able to deploy the StackScript.