API v4.86.0



  • The following endpoints have been deprecated:

  • The Firewall Create (POST /networking/firewalls) beta endpoint has been updated with the following:

    • The required rules.inbound_policy and rules.outbound_policy properties were added to allow controlling default behavior for inbound and outbound traffic, respectively.
    • The rules.inbound.action and rules.outbound.action properties were added to control traffic for individual rules. These properties are required for inbound and outbound rules and override the rules.inbound_policy and rules.outbound_policy properties, respectively.
    • Previously, rules.inbound was required. It is now optional.
    • The rules.inbound.label, rules.inbound.description, rules.outbound.label, and rules.outbound.description properties were added for organization and display purposes.
    • Previously, up to five active Firewalls could be assigned to a single Linode service. Now, only one active Firewall can be assigned to a single Linode service.


  • A bug has been fixed that prevented correct filtering for the Service Transfers List (GET /account/service-transfers) endpoint is_sender property.

  • The Volume Attach (POST /volumes/{volumeId}/attach) endpoint erroneously marked the linode_id property as nullable and required. This has been corrected to state that the property is optional and only accepts an integer.