API v4.89.0



  • The Account Update (PUT /account) endpoint zip property has been updated with new restrictions. Previously, the zip only had a 16 character limit. Now, zip may only consist of letters, numbers, spaces, and hyphens, and must not contain more than 9 letter or number characters. These conditions must also be satisfied when accessing the Credit Card Add/Edit (POST /account/credit-card) endpoint.


  • Previously, users without read-write access to Longview Clients could still access their api_key and install_code when accessing the Longview Clients List (GET /longview/clients) and Longview Client View (GET /longview/clients/{clientId}) endpoints. Now, [REDACTED] is returned for these properties for users without read-write access to the associated Longview Clients.

  • Previously, the label property for the Linode Create (POST /linode/instances) request body schema lacked a type specification and restriction. The endpoint’s request body schema has been refactored to include the string type specification and the restriction that Linode labels must end with an alphanumeric character.