API v4.93.0


  • StackScripts now have the mine boolean read-only property, which indicates whether the StackScript is owned by the account of the user making the request. This property can be used to easily filter responses so that only your account’s StackScripts are returned when using the StackScripts List (GET /stackscripts) endpoint.

  • The Domain Zone File View (GET /domains/{domainId}/zone-file) has been added. Access this endpoint to view an array containing the lines of the zone file for the last rendered zone of the specified domain.

  • Restricted users can now access Images they created using the Image Upload (POST /images/upload) beta endpoint.


  • The responses for the Linodes List (GET /linode/instances) and NodeBalancers List (GET /nodebalancers) endpoints are now filterable by their respective ipv4 properties.

  • The response for the Images List (GET /images) endpoint is now filterable by the type property.


  • The read_only property of the Disk Create (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/disks) endpoint’s request body schema was nonfunctional and has been removed from the specification.

  • A bug was fixed that caused the Firewall Update (PUT /networking/firewalls/{firewallId}) endpoint to incorrectly return a “too many active Firewalls” error. The error incorrectly appeared when a Firewall’s status was set from disabled to enabled after attached Linodes were deleted.