API v4.94.0


  • The Payment Methods List (GET /account/payment-methods) beta endpoint is now available. Access this endpoint to view a list of the available payment methods for your account. At this time, only the primary credit card for your account is returned from this endpoint; additional payment methods will be listed as they become available.


  • The response body for the Image Upload (POST /images/upload) beta endpoint has been corrected to state that the upload_to property is returned. Previously, the specification stated that the upload_url property was returned.

  • When deploying a new Linode from an Image using the Linode Create (POST /linode/instances) endpoint, the Image Disk is now created with the maximum allowed disk space (minus the size of the Swap Disk). Previously, the Image Disk was created with the minimum allowed size based on the Image, and required resizing to use the maximum available space.

  • When creating a new Disk from an Image with the Disk Create (POST /linode/instances/{linodeId}/disks) endpoint, the filesystem for the Image is now used unless otherwise specified. Previously, the ext4 default filesystem was used unless otherwise specified.

  • The “v4” server path has been enabled for the VLANs List (GET /networking/vlans) endpoint.

  • The description for the Linode “interfaces” property has been updated to clarify that public IP addresses are still assigned but not usable without manual configuration when no public interface is configured.