Cloud Manager v0.36.0


  • Support
    • Allow selecting multiple files when attaching to a ticket
    • Auto-collapse attachments when a ticket contains more than 5 attachments
    • Increase support search results to display up to 20 results
  • Profile
    • Truncate whitespace when adding SSH keys
  • Billing
    • Display last four credit card digits when submitting payment


  • Volumes
    • Issue where creating a volume would potentially display the wrong region for the attached linode
  • StackScripts
    • When creating a Compute Instance from StackScript, the SSH Key access panel failed to display on image selection
  • Misc.
    • Issue where certain modals could not be dismissed with the escape key
    • On Linode creation, the password field now appears disabled until an image is selected
    • Two-factor authentication QR code border visibility in dark theme