Cloud Manager v0.37.0


  • Pagination!
    • Users can now page through large lists of entities throughout the app, including: Nodebalancers/Images/Oauth Clients(Apps)/Tokens/Users/Volumes/Invoices/LinodeConfigs
  • Documentation!
    • The documentation panel has received some updates, including guides for Block Storage Volumes, Domains, and StackScripts


  • Eliminate pencil icon site-wide, using hover/edit state instead.
  • Defer API requests on Linode summary, settings and NodeBalancer summary until user action is taken


  • Error reporting when creating a new NodeBalancer config
  • Ellipsis being truncated on blog texts incorrectly
  • Text overflow in the dashboard of entities with long names
  • Linodes with flags/long names breaking the layout on list linodes
  • Issue where a users settings are erroneously requested multiple times
  • Linodes with unknown images failing to display in the Compute Instance summary panel