Cloud Manager v0.39.0


  • User management has been merged into the account section.
    • The Account & Billing and Users navigation items have been removed in favor of just “Account”.
    • This caused breaking changes to the URL pattern.
      • /users -> account/users
      • /users/stevemcqueen -> /account/users/stevemcqueen
      • /users/stevemcqueen/permissions -> /account/users/stevemcqueen/permissions


  • Domains can now be tagged and will be included in search results when searching for tags.
  • Linode Backups
    • Users can now enable automatic backups for all existing Linodes which do not have backups.
    • Users can now enroll in automatic backups for all newly created Linodes.
    • Added backup information and actions on the dashboard.
    • Added time since last backup to the list view of user’s Linodes.
  • Pricing information has been added to the;
    • Volume creation drawer
    • Volumes call to action placeholder
    • Backups call to action placeholderM
  • Updated by/closed by details to support tickets.
  • Breadcrumb navigation to Linodes, NodeBalancers, Domains, and Support Tickets.


  • We’re now preventing users from submitting the create a support ticket form until all necessary information has been provided.
  • Hide the “current credit card” if there is no credit card on file.
  • The CPU chart on the Linode detail page has been updated to scale the to usage.
  • Details about a Linode and Domains are no longer tucked away in accordions.
  • Payments and invoices are now sorted by descending date (newest first).
  • We’ve made some mobile friendly adjustments to the display of our menu!
  • Documentation links now have a persistent underline to make it clear they’re links.
  • Providing feedback via Hively now opens in a new window.
  • Made tab navigation much easier on mobile.
  • Enhanced select styles are now visually consistent with regular selects.


  • Side navigation was hidden for certain users.
  • Toggling between grid and list view on the Linodes screen would not persist event progress information.
  • Attempting to delete the active user would crash the application. (Hey, it’s better than deleting yourself!)
  • TTL can now be set/changed for MX records.
  • Booting from a user created configuration was failing.
  • H1s are now used only once per page site-wide.