Cloud Manager v0.41.0


  • Search results page with a dedicated URL
    • Search results page is grouped by entities (Linodes, NodeBalancers, etc.)
    • Search results page link appears first in the search bar results
    • Search results page displays the first five results per entity, and a button to display remaining results for the given entity
    • Search can be used to display all entities with a common tag
  • Tags for Volumes
    • Tags can be added during Volume creation
    • Tags can be added/removed from an existing Volume
  • Tags for NodeBalancers
    • Tags can be added during NodeBalancer creation
    • Tags can be added/removed from an existing NodeBalancer
  • Network helper global setting
    • Users now have the option to enable/disable
    • Network helper is enabled by default
  • Ability to attach a file to a support ticket
  • Breadcrumb navigation to Users and User Detail
  • Mobile typography was implemented throughout the app


  • UX improvement when creating/resizing a volume attached to a Linode with the addition steps necessary to complete the volume creation process
  • Get Help section links and tiles were updated for consistent displays and interactions
  • Added pricing to Volume clone and resize panel


  • External (public) IP’s are displayed first (before private IPs) on Linode grid cards, and Linode Details page
  • Character decoding on the blog feed
  • Tags extending beyond the search bar results now wrap