Cloud Manager v0.47.0

It’s that time of year where organization and prioritization are at the top of everyone’s mind. They certainly have been for the Linode Cloud Manager team!

In today’s release, we have finalized the organizational offering to display Linodes, Volumes, NodeBalancers, and Domains by tag. Each entity page will show an ungrouped list by default, but switching the toggle at the top of the page to “group by tag” gives users the ability to organize their resources by tags.

As a reminder, tags have more power than that.

The use of tags on Volumes and NodeBalancers is a win. We didn’t have the ability to add classification labels like production, testing, backup, or customer name/account to Volumes and NodeBalancers in Classic Manager. Display groups were a feature of Classic Manager that were limited to Linodes and Domains. Now tags can be added to Linodes, Domains, Volumes, and NodeBalancers.

Why Tag? Here are some advantages:

  • Associate one or more tags to each of your resources.
  • This will allow you to view all tagged Linodes, Volumes, Domains, and NodeBalancers when searching by tag.
  • The view by tag feature organizes all tagged resources together. You can now activate this option from the landing page for each resource type; the listed items will then be separated into a group for each tag.
  • Tags are actionable: you can click on a tag anywhere in the Manager and be taken to a results page where you can view all entities that have that tag.
  • You can also start typing a tag name (such as _production_) into the search bar at the top of each page to view a list of all entities with a matching tag.

Also in this release, and in keeping with the spirit of those January improvement goals, we hit the Design Gym to practice some conditioning and tone up our Cloud Manager. Our Design and Engineering team worked to promote uniformity with each entity and present the look and feel of the search results page throughout the application.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed:


  • Sorting for remaining Linode table headers.
  • Entity icons on Dashboard page, and entity listing pages for:
    • NodeBalancers
    • Domains
    • Volumes
  • Group by Tag for NodeBalancers.
  • Group by Tag for Volumes.
  • Friendly error message when graph data is unavailable for a newly created Linode.


  • Removed Documentation panel sidebar.
  • Improve pagination experience.
  • Order of tabs on the Profile page.
  • My Profile > My Apps changed to My Profile > OAuth Apps.


  • Update timezone error.
  • Fix pagination display logic.
  • Invalid Date on OAuth Apps.
  • Graph Display Options (Last 30 Days).