Cloud Manager v0.48.0


  • Support tickets now appended with current Cloud Manager version.
  • Individual Node status in NodeBalancer Detail > Configuration > Ports
  • Implemented pagination on all Domain DNS records, for example a user with over 25 A/AAAA records will have a paginated table in Domain > DNS records page.
  • Public and Private IP addresses are now searchable fields, displaying the corresponding Linode in the search suggestion dropdown.
  • Sidebar components in Account Settings page:
    • Contact information component displaying company name, name, address, email, and phone number.
    • Billing information component displaying current account balance, credit card, and credit card expiration date.


  • Linode summary moved to the sidebar with individual components for:
    • Linode details
    • IP addresses
    • Last backup
    • Tags
  • NodeBalancer summary moved to the sidebar with individual components for:
    • NodeBalancer details
    • IP addresses
    • Tags
  • Domain Tags input field moved to the sidebar in an individual component
  • Underlined text removed from application, notably:
    • Breadcrumb headers
    • Event notifications
    • Help landing page
    • Secondary links in table rows
  • Backups CTA is now dismissible.
  • NodeBalancer ports now clickable links on the NodeBalancer listing page
    • When a NodeBalancer port is clicked, the user is navigated to the Port Configuration page with the accordion panel of the port clicked expanded by default.
  • NodeBalancer Graphs were removed from accordion panels, and are now displayed prominently on the NodeBalancer summary page.
  • Disks added to Linodes default to the maximum size, so the user can adjust form there.
  • In the additions disks table located in Linode Detail > Settings > Advanced Configuration now display the disk file system type located between the label and size columns.
  • The option to reboot a Linode is removed unless the Linode is powered on.
  • Only regions with block storage available are displayed in Volume creation panel.
    • Additional messaging added to Volume creation panel informing user of the data center limitations.


  • Typo in Manual Snapshot copy.
  • Spacing of Grouped NodeBalancer headers.