Cloud Manager v0.49.0

In our latest release we have introduced refined search capability. You can now specify whether you want to search by entity type, label, tag, or IP address. These search terms can be combined using Boolean operators to create complex search queries to give you exactly the results you’re looking for.

You can access this search functionality from the Search bar at the top of each page. This would be useful if you are looking for all of your Linodes, NodeBalancers, and Domains tied to a given environment, customer, or location.

A search such as:

type:linode OR type:domain OR type:nodebalancer AND tag:production

will result in a listing of all of your Linodes, Domains, and NodeBalancers that are associated with the tag production.

is:linode || is:domain || is:nodebalancer && tag:production

will return the same results.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed in this release:


  • Enhanced Search functionality!
    • Users can now specify the search entity with type:{linode, volume, domain, nodebalancer} or is:{linode, volume, domain, nodebalancer}
    • Aside from entities, other searchable fields are label:, tags:, and ips:.
      • Users can search for entries with multiple tags applied by adding the desired tags to a comma separated list after specifying the tags field. Example tags:tagA,tagB will return all entities with tagA and tagB applied.
      • The same pattern described above applies to the IPs as well.
  • Logical operators can by applied to queries: &&/AND, ||/OR, - for the not operator, and grouping with (). A query with multiple fields and no operators is implicitly treated as true for all.
  • Status indicators have been incorporated into the entity icons for Linodes and Domains to provide a better visual experience.
    • Also added the Linode icon and status to the power button.
  • A reset password button in Profile > Password & Authentication that will open the reset password workflow in a separate tab.
  • A better user experience for secondary/restricted account users that displays messaging around and disables features that the user doesn’t have access to.


  • Domains now displayed in alphabetical order on the Domain listing page.
  • Timestamps display in last backup table rather than humanized dates.
  • Added a tooltip on the power icon for a Linode with no image, indicating that an image must be added to the Linode in order to boot.


  • Removed client side validation that incorrectly prevented user from creating a Linode when the label started with a numeric character.