Cloud Manager v0.50.1

We have listened to your feedback and are finally introducing a new compact theme so that you can see more of your resources on one screen. We know some of you use a vertical layout or have become accustomed to the condensed view of Classic Manager. Check it out by using the feature toggle at the bottom left of the Cloud Manager and selecting normal or compact view.

Additionally, as a follow up to the refined search capabilities released in v0.49.0, we have added a tip on the Search bar. This will remind you of the fields and operators you can utilize to produce targeted search results.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed in this release:


  • Display guidance to bottom of search bar to make it easier for users to work with enhanced search functionality
  • Add Compact Mode (theme toggle) and corresponding settings panel on PrimaryNav
  • Users can now rebuild a Linode from a StackScript
  • Backup mode support for NB nodes
  • Support for Toronto region
  • Improve spacing of Domain table
  • Password requirements to the PasswordInputField
  • Add last auth IP address and last auth time to trusted devices table
  • Include transfer stats to Linode summary panel
  • Additional helper text for Volumes creation drawer
  • Helper text when creating NodeBalancers
  • Enable user to Remove Public IP Addresses
  • Add tags column to NBs and volumes
  • Filter volume select based on grants
  • Apply convention for HEX values in theme files
  • Updated-by column to support tickets
  • Adjustments for Dark Theme in account PDF links


  • Display confirmation dialog before rebuilding Linode
  • For Backups creation flow, only reset selection if different Linode is clicked
  • Linode Resize flow adjusted to follow API changes (resizing Linodes now enter the migration queue)
  • Rebuild Linode image select now uses tiles instead of a dropdown
  • Update list of whitelisted events to include new event types returned by the API
  • Update all instances of updateFor to include props.classes
  • Remove Tokyo 1 as an option when creating Linodes and NodeBalancers
  • Pre-populate payment amount to the current balance
  • Add disk imagize events to show progress
  • Volume Labels Sorting
  • Hide global backups setting from managed users


  • Request notifications after migration finished
  • Keyboard scrolling on custom MenuList component
  • Regression with pagination dropdown
  • Show error message when a Linode on the user’s account is jailed.
  • 2FA panel
  • Creation workflow styles
  • Instances of renderGuard not updating components
  • React-select isClearable logic
  • Dashboard spacing
  • PDF generation failure
  • Error handling for SSL certificate and key when creating a NodeBalancer.
  • Default lastFour (credit card digits) to empty string to prevent visual bug
  • Graphs need better breakpoints