Cloud Manager v0.51.1

We continue to listen to your feedback as we iterate on the Cloud Manager. This latest release includes many fixes but one specific customer ask was to add an estimate of your un-invoiced balance to the account display in Cloud Manager. This is an item that was supported in Classic Manager and is now supported in Cloud Manager. You can view your current invoice balance and now your un-invoiced balance to understand what your expenses might be for the month.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed in this release:


  • Add un-invoiced balance display
  • Delete Linode from kebab menu
  • Support and icon for Alpine Linux
  • Missing typography for crash message
  • New event types and account events messages
  • Card payment confirmation modal
  • Add aria labels to inputProps for text fields and radios


  • Update list of available time zones and fix offset sorting
  • Include pagination on clone from Linode flow
  • Adjust dialog size to md to accommodate for api token width
  • Request notifications after migration finished
  • Reset error state on disk and configs request
  • Improve placement of entity icons on mobile tables
  • Make sure all radios inherit proper labeling
  • Dim main content when searching
  • iOS/Mobile Cloud Manager Welcome Screen
  • Make CVV Optional when making a credit card payment
  • Adjust “No Results” message when searching in a Select element
  • Handle volume permissions
  • Update Auth Code
  • UI for restricted edit volumes form
  • Delete confirmation includes Linode Label
  • Source Linode Rescue volumes/disks from redux
  • Update slave domain editing UX
  • Add props.classes for RenderGuard updateFor


  • Only disable Linode Boot if there are no configs
  • Prevent NodeBalancers from crashing during creation
  • Linodes with no type data cause error state
  • Kernel Select sometimes was not populated on load
  • Upgrade and Fix PayPal
  • Fix logger, add report button
  • Remove extra scrollbar on tables on Firefox
  • Request notifications after migration finished
  • Issue with Created Linodes with no image being in an indefinite loading state
  • Issue with 0600-0800 not being a valid backups time slot