Cloud Manager v0.52.1

In this release there is a new way to see all of the account events on one page. A landing page is accessible from the View All Events link at that base of this the current notification stream. This is the beginning of the work to provide events specific to each Linode.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed in this release:


  • Feature: One-Click Apps
  • Events landing page
  • Image expiry date to Image table
  • Drop-shadow on “Create” menu
  • Setup GA to track usage of Linode create screens
  • Missing typography for backup placeholder text
  • Front-end validation for tag input error
  • Loading states to tag panel
  • Added nofail to Volume Config Form


  • Do not show Hively icons from Linode user
  • Removed Linode StackScripts from StackScript Landing page
  • Combined My StackScripts and Account StackScripts under one tab
  • UDF Style Updates
  • Hide helper text for UDFs so it will display for Linode Root Password
  • Update Linode Detail permissions
  • Change Toronto display from CA to ON
  • Update Volume Landing on Linode Details
  • Update label for Taiwan in the Update Contact info panel


  • User events dropdown items styles
  • Delete Linode button modal button style
  • Backup CTA link
  • Backups creation error display
  • Styling for disabled destructive buttons
  • Wrong header for accessibility tags
  • Settings icon placement
  • Restore process finished event handling
  • Config updating bug
  • Non-field errors for NodeBalancers