Cloud Manager v0.53.0

Our latest release includes updates that directly respond to Customer feedback. We have provided a way to view the activity for each Linode. This Activity stream, similar to the Host Job queue, will live on the Linode Summary page. This will present the last 5 items and an option to view more which will land you on the Activity tab to view all events for the Linode.

We will continue to build on this to support the level of detail that the Classic Manager’s Host Job queue delivered.

Here is a full listing of what has been Added, Changed, and Fixed in this release:


  • Event stream summary
  • Empty search logic
  • List all IP addresses in summary panel
  • Activity tab on Linode Details
  • Account Creation Date to Summary Panel
  • GA event for compact mode switcher
  • GA events for billing-related actions
  • New icons for Managed Services and StackScripts


  • Styling no results page
  • Styles and mobile handling
  • Remove tag column and styling for NodeBalancers Landing
  • Remove tag column and styling for Linode Landing
  • Re-order fields on monthly network transfer panels
  • Place disk spaces in sidebar
  • Moving disk space component
  • Adjustments for tables for devices
  • Making beta tag blue for both themes
  • Adjust spacing for add buttons for domain records
  • Remove bold styling from notices
  • Styling of disk storage panel
  • Adjustments to table row for DT and activity feed updates
  • Scroll buttons styles for mobile tabs
  • Resolvers object to match new Toronto name
  • Table cell sizes
  • Focus states for clickable rows
  • Styling for graph legend on Linode detail page


  • Wrap domains text on Domain landing
  • Routing on Support Ticket pages
  • Detach from deleted Linode
  • Image creation drawer labels spacing
  • Linodes graphs legends placement
  • Minor copy fixes
  • Typos and init code guidelines