Cloud Manager v0.55.0


  • Improve GA Event Imports in Manager
  • Local storage optimizations
  • Remove Volumes From MaybeRenderError
  • Add error handling documentation
  • Replace all pathOrs with getErrorStringOrDefault
  • Placement of Object Storage in primary navigation bar
  • Add /buckets to OBJ link in PrimaryNav
  • Add Ada google analytics
  • Reverse sorting arrows for sortable tables
  • Explicitly display regions error in Linode volumes form
  • Taxes and Subtotal on Invoice
  • Fixed positioning of ADA CTA
  • Add docs for pushing tags to upstream
  • Add polling for NBs on landing page
  • Add polling to NB detail
  • Check region filtering
  • Make Linode dropdown menus searchable via React Select


  • Scroll-to logic for Disks and Configs page changes
  • Stats request optimization
  • Display reserved IPs in IPv4 table (Linode Detail)
  • Style Updates to Invoice PDF
  • Update Activity Stream Based on Events
  • Sentry Updates
  • Move Object Storage keys to the OBJ Landing page
  • Update Notistack and make toasts dismissible
  • Update IP address listing on card view and styling
  • Paginate Disks and Configs with Paginate Render Props Component
  • Removing tag column and cells styles updates
  • Lish tabs style updates
  • Sync up with disk select changes and reset disk options on Linode select clear
  • adjustments to UDF widths for medium + breakpoints
  • Manual backup errors appear within form instead of as toasts


  • Fix issue with error appearing on volume attach drawer
  • Fix pre-selected Cluster select
  • fix to action menu on mobile (align right for consistency)