Cloud Manager v0.57.0

Here is the latest on the Linode Cloud Manager.

Do you speak Markdown? We do too. You can message us through our Support Ticket system and use Markdown just as you would through our Community site.

We are working on a few things behind the scenes that are not yet generally available. If you would like to participate in our beta programs for our Object Storage or Kubernetes offerings, email us at


  • Markdown and Markup Support for Support Tickets and Replies
  • Notice for domains when they aren’t being served
  • Abuse ticket banner
  • Enable ctrl+click on profile dropdown buttons and clickable rows
  • Ability to update email from Account -> User Profile
  • Add event messages for host reboots, Lassie reboots, and Lish boots
  • Create a Kubernetes cluster
  • Action menu item to download Kubernetes kubeconfig.yaml


  • Include the Linode Label in delete dialog modals
  • Include Linode and Volume labels in Volume dialog modals
  • Re-enable plan type copy and update the text
  • Small style change for NodeBalancer config action panel
  • Update timezone selection
  • Update Linode backup selects
  • Copy in delete Bucket confirmation modal
  • Object Storage: separate “Size” column into “Objects” and “Size”
  • Improved Select components across the app


  • Linode network transfer stats
  • Linode migration success/error states
  • IPv6 DNS Resolvers
  • Typo in Disable 2FA dialog
  • Block device assignment
  • Issue where error views were displaying after data was loaded