Cloud Manager v0.60.1

This release features a way for users to clone Linodes outside of the Creation workflow. Users will now be able to select the Clone option from the Linode Action Menu on the Linode listing page.

Here is a full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • Support for critical maintenance banners, times, and tickets
  • Clone Linode from Linode Action Menu


  • LKE: Creation Table UI for editable node count and remove actions
  • Remove Tags input field when cloning a Domain
  • Default Linode config memory limit to 0 if a limit is not already set


  • Show progress for Linode upgrades
  • Select Plan Panel default tab select logic
  • Primary Nav was showing a scrollbar
  • Support Ticket Drawer should retrieve all entities for selection
  • Nodebalancer config select values
  • Split token on logout before revoking it
  • Re-add Kubernetes button in Create menu