Cloud Manager v0.62.0

Here is a full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • Add One-Click Apps detail view
  • Add helper text for auto backups
  • Add links to Object Storage documentation
  • Allow external links to open Support ticket drawer


  • Updates to base theme
  • Make entity links in Support tickets clickable
  • Do not attempt to create domain records for slave domains
  • Update max length for Bucket label
  • Reduce NodeBalancer price
  • Copy for maintenance notifications
  • Update styles for important/critical notifications
  • Add link to support ticket in SelectTabPanel
  • UI for selecting memory limit on Linode Configuration Profiles
  • Adjustments for compact mode, some adjustments for mobile compact on help banner panel as well


  • Dashboard header spacing
  • User-defined fields not resetting on App/StackScript change
  • Catch deleted events errors
  • IP sharing private addresses not showing
  • Regression with maintenance notification list item severity
  • Expandable panel icons
  • Point of entry in dashboard
  • Animation isolation logic
  • Abuse ticket banner fix