Cloud Manager v0.66.1

Here is a full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • Public Cloud manager codebase is now officially a monorepo, leveraging Lerna
  • New splash screen on initial app load
  • Linodes list status column
  • Show Linode tax ID on invoices for users in EU
  • Unauthorized messaging for tokens and users
  • User preferences for Domains group-by-tag
  • User preferences for NodeBalancers group-by-tag
  • User preferences for Linode view
  • Tooltips for zone-related actions


  • Abstract Link component so that it can handle external links
  • Better helper text for failed image creation
  • Make SSH key-fetching conditional on whether user is restricted
  • Error handling for adding SSH keys in creation workflow


  • Events regressions and add handling for new event types
  • IP Transfer panel refreshing when a long-running event was occurring
  • Issue with empty data set render blocking the app
  • Issue with power control not showing “Busy” status when Linode was busy
  • Configs view crashing after Linode rebuild
  • Clone config/disk not updating when number of disks changed