Cloud Manager v0.67.0

Here is a full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed in this release:


  • Ability to close account from Cloud Manager
  • Managed SSH Access: Linode Public Key component
  • Disable Managed service monitor
  • Display list of Managed service monitors
  • Adding tooltip display variant + styles
  • Breadcrumb enhancements
  • Tooltip for cluster command on Kubernetes detail page
  • Managed service monitor list
  • Add SupportWidget to Managed landing
  • Adjustments to view config drawer
  • Adjustments to buttons
  • Optional CVV field when updating credit card information


  • Region selection in create workflow
  • Improve error handling for LKE node pools
  • LKE form element UI adjustments
  • Make search link the first option in Algolia search bar
  • Add Logic to CSV Link to Prevent CSV Injections
  • Add Mutation Time to Banner
  • Disable Add User Button for Restricted Users
  • Select user by default after adding an SSH key using the AccessPanel
  • Add max-width to main content
  • Handling for new event types
  • Improve link styles for PDF downloads in account
  • Enable hot reload for local development


  • Charts display issue
  • Issue with css transitions on theme switch
  • Firefox issue with flag icons
  • Broken error key scrolling in Get Help search bar