Cloud Manager v0.70.0


  • One-Click App navigation
  • Placeholder to enable Managed for an account


  • Remove Private IP Checkbox from Clone Linode form
  • Edit drawer for Managed service monitors
  • Use dropdown instead of cards when selecting an image/distribution
  • Replace Region/Province Select with Text field in the Update Contact Information form
  • Managed credential drawer now uses separate forms for label and password/username
  • Update Managed icon on the dashboard to align with entity icons
  • Messaging and billing calculations for expiring credits
  • Use account credentials and groups when creating or editing a Monitor
  • Monitor dashboard card links to /managed/monitors instead of /support/tickets
  • Better error messaging for Inter-datacenter migrations


  • Client Secret key wrapping
  • Backups and clones always labeled as Debian
  • Correctly show upgrade banner for all deprecated types
  • Issue with kernel input not being populated with a default value in the Edit Linode Configuration form
  • Stop inverting SSH key access to account for the API fix for this bug