Cloud Manager v0.71.0


  • Bucket Detail page (Object Storage)


  • Display “Never” for Managed credentials without a last_encrypted field
  • Update copy on EnableManagedPlaceholder
  • Add Normalized Data Structure to Images in Redux
  • Hide active caret on mobile navigation
  • Add Edit action to Kubernetes Cluster action menu
  • Add Kubernetes cluster label to filename when downloading kubeconfig
  • Switch position of “Region” and “Last Backup” columns on Linode table
  • Account for over limit case for account transfer display on dashboard
  • [SDK] Migrate /regions
  • [SDK] Migrate /linodes
  • [SDK] Migrate /kubernetes
  • [SDK] Migrate /profile
  • [SDK] Migrate authentication requests


  • Overflow in react selects
  • Error with Placeholders missing key prop
  • Image select bug
  • LinodeConfig memory size limit not displayed
  • Style regression for notification thresholds panel
  • Tooltip not showing for selection cards
  • Update dependencies to resolve vulnerabilities
  • Security issue with external links