Cloud Manager v0.75.0


  • Ability to view, add, edit, and delete Longview Clients
  • Interactive flag for Linode card
  • Maintenance status schedule date always visible on table row
  • Maintenance status to Linodes Dashboard Card
  • Confirmation modal when creating new backup snapshot


  • Add helper text to Kubernetes Node Pool rows if not all Nodes are accounted for
  • Adjust display of expiring credit in expandable panel header
  • Collapse primary nav at wider breakpoint
  • Copy changes for Plesk and cPanel One-Click Apps
  • Update Managed dashboard graphs
  • Update Access Key creation message (Object Storage)


  • Sort by status (Linodes)
  • Consistency with display of charts legend units
  • NodeBalancers configuration layout
  • Maintenance status not be displayed after updated a Linode