Cloud Manager v0.77.0


  • Supply the LKE Cluster options from APIv4
  • Longview Client Gauges for Swap and Storage
  • Ability to paste clipboard content into the Glish interface from your local machine
  • Longview landing tabs
  • Skeleton loader to table rows


  • [SDK] - Implement Object Storage endpoints
  • Longview Client creation workflow
  • Display the booted configuration in Linode Boot and Reboot event messages
  • Pre-fill Disk select fields rescue tab with available Disks
  • Refactor Create Volume Workflow
  • Update Object Storage confirmation modal copy
  • Client-side validation for CVV field on the Billing page
  • Making CVV code a required field within Billing page
  • Update favicon
  • Updated syntax for Linode details specs
  • Filter out GPU from plan selection for LKE
  • Filter out regions that don’t have LKE capabilities


  • Blog feed on Dashboard
  • StackScript detail breadcrumbs
  • Adjustments to Kubeconfig buttons on smaller breakpoints