Cloud Manager v0.79.0


  • Longview: Static tables for listening services/active connections
  • Longview: Line Graph abstraction
  • Longview: Sort clients by values
  • Longview: Client count warning modal
  • Longview: Installation tab
  • Longview: Overview section scaffolding
  • Longview: Footer text for non-Pro users
  • Longview: Uptime, Packages, and Hostname data added to client rows
  • Longview: Display circle loader if client doesn’t exist or is still being loaded
  • Longview: Overview icon section with some static data
  • Ability to edit rDNS for IPv6 ranges and pools
  • Display of route target for IPv6 ranges
  • Abstraction of buttonLink
  • Ability to collapse main navigation on larger screen sizes


  • Longview: Change landing view from table to cards
  • LKE Landing documentation link target
  • Loading state and clear errors on Linode Backups form submission
  • Longview documentation link target
  • Remove welcome banner
  • Updated logo asset
  • Updated header and footer styles


  • Linode list not being updated when creating Linodes externally
  • Type checking in getAPIErrorFor
  • Duplicate error display in account/settings
  • Empty volumes create button