Cloud Manager v0.80.0


  • Remove check zone from domain action menu
  • Move sidebar in Domains detail
  • Duration time to Events Landing and Activity Feed
  • Display billing notice when deleting last Object Storage Bucket
  • Longview:
    • Landing page
    • Overview page
    • Installation page
    • Enable client sorting on Landing page
    • Packages drawer
  • New One-Click Apps:
    • Docker
    • Jenkins
    • Grafana
    • Prometheus
    • MySQL
    • LEMP Stack
    • Shadowsocks


  • Remove ZXCVBN and improve password hints
  • Remove (disabled) Check Zone and Zone File actions from Domains
  • LKE added to PAT Scopes
  • Make search bar case-insensitive
  • Option to show all Linodes on Linode Landing
  • Remove same-domain SOA email restriction (client-side validation)
  • Update release docs
  • Styling adjustment to IconTextLink


  • Accessibility features overhaul
  • Update Object Storage icon color
  • Error formatting on editable input labels
  • Event badge hidden behind scrollbar
  • Linode status not updated after resizing is complete
  • State not responding to Longview events