Cloud Manager v0.82.0


  • Longview: empty and loading states for Disks tab
  • Longview: NGINX tab
  • Longview: Network tab
  • Show All option for Volumes, Domains, NodeBalancers
  • Add security.txt at


  • Copy for Prometheus and Grafana One-Click Apps
  • Show confirmation dialog when resizing a Linode
  • Update LV documentation to include info on warnings/errors
  • Add copy explaining prorated transfer
  • Move untagged items under tagged items for all entities
  • Allow primary nav to set multiple active links
  • Allow Charts.js native (canvas) legends for graphs
  • Filter processes by username or process name
  • Error feedback for failed snapshot backups
  • Support for Disks/Configs events
  • Add URL param to reset password button
  • Linode details accessibility adjustments


  • Layout overflow on Longview overview graph section
  • Missing error/loading states in AccessKey table & drawer
  • Older invoices causing an error when creating PDF
  • Weblish error (safe access properties)
  • Docs links for Longview installation instructions