Cloud Manager v0.84.0


  • Add Domain Transfers to Domain Drawer for slave Domains
  • “Delete” button to Domain Drawer
  • Improve Form context help/info in Configuration Edit
  • Ability to delete a Domain from Domain Detail
  • Show a banner when one or more Regions experience outages
  • New One-Click App: phpMyAdmin
  • Show progress on the target Linode while cloning


  • Add link to Resizing a Linode Guide
  • [LKE] Node pools should have 3 nodes by default
  • Longview Process Arrow Rework
  • StackScript author links from StackScript Detail page
  • Sort Kubernetes versions by label descending in dropdown
  • OAuth Scopes can be space separated
  • Store Longview time selection in user preferences


  • Longview Overview graphs were incorrectly showing data as “today”
  • Refactor LineGraphs to allow mixed units for network graphs
  • Routing on Search Landing page for slave Domains
  • Fix Linode network graph units
  • Display updated credit card info in Billing Summary when credit card is updated
  • Visual regression on Clone Configs/Disks
  • Loading state for Longview landing page (visual bug)