Cloud Manager v1.0.0


  • New One-Click Apps:
    • MEAN
    • MongoDB
    • Flask
    • Django
    • Redis
    • Ruby on Rails
    • PostgreSQL


  • Change default distro to Debian 10
  • Fix changelog to match GitHub release
  • Update graph units on Linode Details page
  • Fetch backups after selecting Linode in Linode Create
  • Toast notifications for Image related events
  • Unify graph colors across the app
  • LKE: Warn users before allowing a single-node cluster
  • LKE: Update typings for node pools
  • Show Domains Import Zone Drawer button when a user has no Domains
  • Improve compile time
  • Cleanup Axios version management and aligning
  • Prevent unneeded requests when loading Lish window


  • Updating a Linode causes in-progress events to stop being displayed
  • Safari: Open ticket button issue
  • Remove plural for hour on DNS manager
  • ‘Show More’ tooltip accessibility fix