Cloud Manager v1.1.0


  • Cloud Firewalls:
    • Add Firewalls endpoints to SDK
    • Allow enable/disable/delete Firewall actions
    • Enable Firewall creation
  • LKE:
    • Warn users before creating/resizing a cluster to a single node
    • Handling for LKE events (lke_node_create)
  • Accessibility improvements:
    • Add aria attributes on Linodes, Images, and Kubernetes Landing pages
    • Add aria attributes to Action Menu items
    • Improve accuracy of column header count
    • Add title to ADA chat bot


  • Update CPU threshold alert validation
  • Use display: standalone in manifest.json for IOS support
  • Update event toasts and add new toasts for clone/resize events
  • Increase line height of rendered Markdown for readability
  • Remove Import Tags CTA on the Dashboard
  • Remove obsolete GDPR Modal
  • Close all active Lish sessions when logging out
  • Unify IP address input patterns for Domains
  • Allow direct links to OCA details drawers
  • Always allow TCP Connection as a health check for NodeBalancers
  • Hide duration for host_reboot events


  • Mode persistence in Linode Disk drawer
  • Formatting/highlighting in kubeconfig preview drawer
  • Incorrect disks sometimes displayed in different tabs
  • Regression from notistack update
  • Remove plural for hour on DNS manager
  • Use appropriate button text when restoring from an Image