Cloud Manager v1.13.0


  • Size column on the Object Storage Buckets table
  • OCA: Percona PPM and Nextcloud
  • Billing notice on Object Storage landing page when a user without Buckets has Object Storage enabled
  • Notice that powered down Linodes still accrue charges
  • Notice when user tries adding an NS record to a Domain without a A/AAAA record


  • Adjustments to the Linode plan selection table
  • Update password validation to match API change
  • Update form validation for the Linode Disk drawer
  • Make target field for TXT records multiline


  • Set autocomplete to false in password inputs
  • Restricted users were able to view unavailable actions in Linode action menus
  • Sort order on Domains page
  • Prevent clickable events for deleted entities
  • Prevent multiple Not found displays for Linodes