Cloud Manager v1.15.0


  • Ability to recycle all LKE pool nodes
  • CMR: Dashboard
  • Notifications
  • View for single Linodes
  • View for multiple Linodes
  • CMR: Linode Details
    • Filter Linodes by status
    • Implement LinodeEntityDetail component
  • Networking tab:
  • Add Linode Monthly Transfer graph
  • Add Historic Network Data graph - Add IP actions
  • CMR: Responsiveness
  • Linodes Landing
  • Domains Landing
  • Add reusable InlineMenuActions component
    • Apply updated table styles and action menu to Firewalls
  • Custom dev tools
  • User preferences editor


  • CMR: Update Linode status pill designs
  • Use API search and hide search tips for large accounts
  • Use base 10 for network graphs


  • CMR: Adjust grid sizes to prevent EntityHeader elements from wrapping
  • Brasilia timezone offset should be GMT-3
  • Correct years in Linode Summary graph options
  • Create Object Storage Bucket types
  • Per-Linode network transfer total